Archived Music

Music is listed by the date it was presented in Worship.  Songs are performed by the Sanctuary Choir unless otherwise noted.

2018 Worship Music
18-0211 Angel Breathing Out
18-0204 He Never Failed Me (T. Washic and L.  Miller, Soloists)
18-0107 Jesus, What a Wonderful Life
18-0114 Child of God (w/Angelina and Antonio Castellano)
18-0121 Do No Be Afraid: #morejoy
18-0128 Jesus is the Light Inside of Me (King’s Kids)
18-0128 Child of God (Angelina & AJ Castellano, soloists)

2017 Worship Music
17-1224 Come On, Ring Those Bells (Kid’s Choir)
17-1224 Sing We Now of Christmas (Jubilate Ringers)
17-1224 Come and See the Baby
17-1224 Gesu Bambino (Renee Strange)
Christmas Eve Recital Music
17-1224 Ding Dong, Merrily on High (Sharon Jones and Kathy Woodbridge)
17-1224 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Declan Fledderjohn)
17-1224 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Tom and Rachel Washic)
17-1224 Breathe of Heaven (Lisa Miller)
17-1224 In the Bleak Midwinter (Kelly Kuhn)
17-1224 Wexford Carol (Lisa Collins)
17-1224 Carol of the Bells (Sharon Jones and Lynn Murphy)
17-1224 Reflections on a Huron Carol (Jubilate Ringers)
17-1224 O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Jubilate Ringers)

17-1217 Peace Will Come
17-1217 Sing Alleluia! Christ Will Come

17-1217 Treasure of Heaven
17-1217 O Little Bethlehemtown
17-1217 Child of Peace
17-1217 Fear Not
17-1203 Journey of Hope
17-1126 Please Come (Rachel Washic, soloist)
 17-1126 I Am A Promise (King’s Kids Choir)
17-1119 Simple Gifts (Jubilate Ringers)
 17-1119 The Earth is he Lord’s (w/Lisa Collins, flute)
17-1105 Set Me As A Seal
17-1023 Mungu ni Mwema (Sanctuary Choir & Kids Choir)
17-1023 Apple Red Happiness (Kings Kids Choir)
17-1015 You Are The New Day
17-1008 Nothin’ Gonna Stumble
17-1001 Penyou, Ting
17-0924 If You Can Sing A Song (King’s Kids Choir)
17-0924 Sanna, Sannanina (Jubilate Ringers)
17-0924 Song of Hope (Jubilate Ringers)
17-0917 Nothin’ Gonna Stumble
17-0910 Blessings Over Me
17-0910 Nothing More (K. Kurtz, Siciliano, T. Washic)
17-0730 If Ye Love Me (Susq. Chorale Quartet)
17-0730 Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Susq. Chorale Quartet)
17-0730 Old Irish Blessing
17-0730 Here I Am, Lord (Siciliano, Jones, Collins)
17-0528 He Leadeth Me
17-0521 How Shall I Sing to God?
17-0514 Everytime I Think of You
17-0507 Make Me an Instrument
17-0507 People of the Good News
17-0507 For the Beauty of the Earth (Bells)
17-0507  WWJD and Jesus is the Rock (Kids)
Here is a link to the video of the Kid’s Choir
17-0416 Anthems of Love (Choir, Bells, Ensemble)
17-0416 Recital (Instrumental Ensemble)
17-0409 The Holy City (Siciliano)
17-0409 Hosanna! (King’s Kids)
17-0409 Like a Mighty Stream
17-0402 I Walked Today Where Jesus Walks
17-0326 Above All Else
17-0319 Woman Am I (W. Chorus)
 17-0319 Women are Weavers (W. Chorus)
17-0317 Take My Life and Let It Be (Bells)
7-0226 God Made Manifest
17-0226 Our God (Bells)
17-0205 You Are the Salt of the Earth
17-0205 Jesus is the Light Inside of Me (King’s Kids Choir)
17-0122 I’ll Walk with God
17-0109 Song of the Wise Men
17-0115 I’ll Walk with God

2016 Worship Music
16-1224 Angels Are Rejoicing! (King’s Kids Choir)
16-1224 Christmas Canon
16-1224 Oh, Holy Night (Siciliano)
16-1224 Away In the Manger/Mary Did You Know (C. Shannon – Piano)
16-1224 Silent Night Alleluia (Lisa & Olivia Miller)
16-1224 What Child Is This? (Molly Harris)
16-1224 O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Declan Fledderjohn – Piano)
16-1224 A Christmas Hallelujah (Tom Washic – Guitar, Rachel Washic – Soloist)
16-1224 Labor of Love (Meghan Rhoads)
16-1224 Carol of the Bells (Jubilate Ringers)
16-1224 Angel Carol (Jubilate Ringers)
16-1218 The Joy of Christmas
16-1218 Angels are Rejoicing, They’re Having a Party (King’s Kids Choir)
16-1211 Cantata 1 – A Great Light
16-1211 Cantata 2 – Bethlehem
16-1211 Cantata 3 – Never Been a Night Like This
16-1211 Cantata 4 – Sing We Now of Christmas
16-1211 Cantata 5 – Were You There on That Christmas Night?
16-1211 Cantata 6 – Glory to the Newborn King
16-1204 Canticle of Hope
16-1127 Soon and Very Soon (Kid’s Choir)
16-1120 We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer (Jubilate Ringers)
16-1113 Creation Will Be At Peace (M. Rhoads)
16-1113 Lay Up Your Treasures in Heaven
16-1106 People of Good News
16-1030 People of the Good News
16-1030 We Believe (Youth Group Choir)
16-1030 WWJD? (King’s Kids Choir)
16-1030 Zaccheus (King’s Kids Choir)
16-1023 A Kyrie for our Time
16-1016 Lay Up Your Treasures in Heaven
16-1016 Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown (Jubilate Ringers)
16-1016 This is my Father’s World (Jubilate Ringers)
16-1002 Michael, Row The Boat Ashore
16-0925 Deep and Wide (King’s Kids Choir)
16-0925 Deep River
16-0918 Song of Hope (Bells)
16-0918 Let the River Run
16-0911 River in Judea
16-0814 Gabriel’s Oboe (A. Madden, Flautist)
16-0724 Thank You (Youth Group w/O.Miller, Soloist)
16-0717 Mansion Over the Hilltop (J Richardson _Tom Washic)
16-0710 Bajo la Sombre (R. & T. Washic)
16-0626 Lean on Me (D. Fledderjohn)
16-0612 None Other Lamb (Susq. Chorale Quartet)
16-0612 The Greatest of These is Love (S. Zentmeyer)
16-0529 Yes, My Jesus Loves Me (L. Miller)
16-0529 Guide Our Nation, Lord
16-0522 Bare Necessities (King’s Kids)
16-0522 You are the Song
16-0522 Sanna Sannanina (Bells)
16-0522 I Am But a Small Voice (A. Castellano, O. Miller)
16-0522 All God’s Children Got a Place in the Choir (King’s Kids)
16-0515 The Power of My Spirit
16-0515 All Who are Thirsty (Youth)
16-0508 The 23rd Psalm
16-0501 Who Will Stand Up?  
16-0424 Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord (Bells)
16-0424 How Can I Keep from Singing
16-0417 Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All
16-0417 The Butterfly Song (King’s Kids)
16-0410 All Love Can Be
16-0410 The Holy City
16-0320 The Holy City (Siciliano)
16-0320 Shout Hosanna (Kings Kids)
16-0306 Living Water, Guiding Spirit
16-0221 When He Came (Kings’ Kids)
16-0221 Savior of the Nations, Come (Bells)
16-0221 Draw Me Nearer
16-0217 Restoration
16-0207 Shine the Light (L. & O. Miller)
16-0207 My Mother’s House (W. Chorus)
16-0207 Blood Brothers (O. Mountain)
16-0207 1000 Grandmothers (W.Chorus)
16-0131 If Anyone Be In Christ
16-0117 If Anyone Be In Christ
16-0111 Rain Down

2015 Worship Music
15-1220 O Holy Night (Scott & Kelsey Kurtz)
15-1220 Bethlehem Lullaby (Kids Choir)
15-1220 A Cradle Waits
15-1213 Worship the King
15-1213 Sleeping Adonai (McKinney-L. Miller)
15-1213 Shout Sing Hallelujah
15-1213 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
15-1213 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
15-1213 Come To Us (A. Castellano)
15-1213 Come to Us
15-1206 Creation Will be at Peace
15-1129 Lord Have Mercy (Scott)
15-1129 For the Sake of the People (Scott)
15-1129 Arise My Love (Scott)
15-1122 A Jubilant Thanksgiving
15-1115 We Were Made To Love the Lord (Kids Choir)
15-1108 How Great Thou Art (O. Mountain)
15-1108 For Those Tears I Died (Youth Choir)
15-1108 Acclamation of Assurance
15-1101 Acclamation of Assurance
15-1025 This is the Day (Kids’ Choir)
15-1025 Dig A Little Deeper in God’s Love
15-1018 Song of Hope
15-1018 Open Your Ears O Faithful People
15-1018 God of Heaven
15-1011 God of Heaven
15-1004 For the Beauty of the Earth (Bells)
15-1004 Santo, Santo, Santo
15-1004 For the Beauty of the Earth (Bells)
15-1004 Santo, Santo, Santo
15-0927 I am But a Small Voice (Castellano-O. Miller soloists)
15-0920 I am but a Small Voice (Choir, Castellano, O. Miller)
15-0913 Seek and You Shall Find
15-0830 A Mother’s Prayer (Scott Siciliano)
15-0816 I’ll Be Your Water
15-0809 Seasons (K. Kurtz)
15-0809 If you Wanna be a Fruit of the Spirit (VBS Kids)
15-0726 Grace (Siciliano)
15-0712 Lord of the Dance (Collins – Clarinet)
15-0705 This Is My Country (B Rudy)
15-0705 Father of Lights (Scott+M Karchner – alto sax)
15-0517 Sunburst Waltz (D.Fledderjohn)
15-0517 Praise to the Lord, The Almighty (Bells)
15-0517 I Lift My Eyes
15-0517 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (King’s Kids)
Down by the Creek Bank (King’s Kids)
14-0507 Can You Hear
15-0517 A Simple Dance (Bells)
15-0510 M.O.T.H.E.R.
15-0510 M.O.T.H.E.R. (Richardson)
15-0510 Hallelujah! Praise Ye The Lord
15-0503 I Dream A World
15-0419 Praise in the Lord
15-0419 No longer strangers
15-0412 A Holy Place
15-0405 That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright (Bells)
15-0405 Praise to the Lord Almighy
15-0405 Hallelujah Chorus
15-0405 Say it Loud
15-0325 A Holy Place
15-0322 Go Light Your World
15-0315 Go Light Your World
15-0301 Shine the Light (L & O Miller)
15-0301 Shine the Light (L Miller)
15-0301 He Never Failed Me Yet
15-0222 I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
15-0215 Can You Hear
15-0215 Hallelujah (Kids)
15-0215 Listen, Love, Restore Hope (Scott)
15-0208 Seasons of Love
15-0208 Sing with Hearts (Bells)
15-0208 Rise To Greet the Sun (Bells)
15-0201 Reflections on Love
15-0125 They’ll Know We Are Christians
15-0118 We Belong to Christ

2014 Worship Music
God’s Eye is on the Sparrow (Scott solo)
14-1026 Say to the Lord, I Love You (Kids)
14-1026 My Maker’s World (w_Kids)
14-1019 Fly Away Medley
14-1012 You Are Mine (Scott)
14-1012 Simple Gifts (Bells)
14-1005 Thuma Mina
14-0928 Rain Down
14-0928 Apple Red Happiness (Kids choir)
14-0921 Rain Down
14-0914 For Thy Gifts Untold
14-0907 One Love (Choir & Islanders)
14-0907 By the Rivers of Babylon (Howard & Islanders)
14-0831 Durme, Durme (Melody Place Choir)
14-0831 Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
14-0824 Holy, Holy, Holy (Collins-Siciliano)
14-0817 Living For Jesus (Chapeliers)
14-0803 The Prayer of St. Patrick (Susq. Chorale Quartet)
14-0803 Song of Farewell (Susq.Chorale Quartet)
14-0803 I to the Hills Lift Up Mine Eyes (Susq. Chorale Quartet)
14-0727 Wonderful, Merciful Savior (Rising Star Singers)
14-0727 Jesus What a Freind for Sinners (Rising Star Singers)
14-0727 Glorius Day (Rising Star Singers)
14-0713 Higher Ground (Chapeliers)
14-0622 Hand It Over (T. Washic)
14-0622 Blest Be The Tie That Binds (Chpeliers)
14-0615 Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (E Mountain_Flute)
14-0608 Closer to the Flame
14-0601 You Are Mine
14-0525 I Am With You
14-0511 At Home, Let There Be Love
14-0504 Time of Your Life (Bells)
14-0504 One Bread, One Body (Kurtz-Siciliano)
14-0504 Let the River Run
14-0504 A Place in the Choir (Kids)
14-0420 Hallelujah, Praise Ye The Lord (Bells)
14-0420 Hallelujah Chorus
14-0420 Christ is Arisen, Indeed!
14-0413 The Holy City (Scott)
14-0413 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna (Choir, Kids, bells)
14-0413 Hosanna, Hosanna! (Kids)
14-0413 Beneath the Cross of Jesus (Shannon)
14-0409 Kyrie
14-0330 The Lord’s Prayer
14-0323 Take it to the Lord in Prayer (Bells)
14-0316 Heaven’s Just a Little Bit Nearer When I Pray
14-0316 Jesus Is the Light Inside of Me Kids)
14-0309 Kyrie for Our Time
14-0302 We are Singing for the Lord is our Light
14-0302 Shine, Jesus Shine (Collins)
14-0302 Shine Jesus Shine (Mountain)
14-0223 Closer to the Flame
14-0216 We Are the Light (Kids)
14-0202 Arise, Shine
14-0202 Be Thou My Vision (Washic-Guitar)
14-0126 In Times Like These
14-0119 This Little Light of Mine (Kids & Choir)
14-0112 The Lord is My Light

2013 Worship Music

13-1224 O Holy Night
13-1224 The First Noel
13-1224 O Holy Night (Scott)
13-1224 Mary Did You Know (Lisa Miller)
13-1224 Magnificat
13-1224 Great Big Story (Kings Kids)
13-1224 Carol of the Bells
13-1224 A Strange Way to Save the World
13-1222 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (Scott)
13-1222 Go Light Your World
13-1215 Christmas Seekers (Cantata)
13-1208 A Strange Way to Save the World (Scott)
13-1208 Be Born is Us
13-1201 O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Bells)
13-1201 You Are There
13-1201 Emmanuel Will Come
13-1127 Thankful (Scott)
13-1124 What A Wonderful World
13-1117 In the Sweet By and By
13-1110 Shout of Praise
13-1110 Bring Him Home (Glorius)
13-1103 In the Sweet By and By
13-1103 A Merry Mallet Melody (Bells)
13-1027 Incline Thine Ear
13-1027 I I Were a Butterfly (Kids Choir)
13-1027 Crawling Spider (Duet -Declan)
13-1020 Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (IS)
13-1020 He Is There
13-1013 He is There
13-1006 Theme From Finlandia (Ringers)
12-0930 Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying
12-0923 Empty of Me
12-0916 Go Light Your World
12-0902 Love is the Guide
12-0805 Thank You Lord (Richardson ensemble)
12-0722 Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
12-0715 Down at the Cross (Sampson)
12-0708 Just a Closer Walk with Thee
12-0603 Light of Clear Blue Morning (guest ensemble)
12-0527 The Power of My Spirit
12-0520 Nothin Gonna Stumble My Feet
12-0520 Clocks (Bells)
12-0520 Carillon Celebration (Bells)
12-0513 Hymn of Promise (Hogeman)
12-0513 Love has Always been our Song
12-0506 The Potters Hand
12-0421 Jesus Speaks to Me
12-0421 He is Here
12-0408 Festival Sanctus
12-0401 The Palms
12-0401 Cantata – The Messiah-Pt2
12-0401 Cantata – The Messiah-Pt1
12-0325 Set Me As a Seal
12-0325 Traveling Light
12-0311 The Old Rugged Cross (Bells)
12-0311 The Road Not Taken
12-0304 Nothin Gonna Stumble My Feet
12-0226 Between the Altar and the Door (MAD CAMP)
12-0226 The Journey
12-0219 The Lord is My Light
12-0212 How Can I Keep From Singing
12-0205 How Beautiful (Merrymans)
12-0129 He Leadeth Me
12-0115 Santo Santo Santo
12-0108 Child of God