Reaching out in Faith

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

We find great joy in walking the Way of Christ together.   We want you to experience that joy too!


CPUCC is active in sharing the Good News with not only our disciples but with newcomers to our area, the un-churched, and the de-churched.  We have many events that bring folks to our facility and we are happy to go where we can to find those in need of God’s healing word.


To accomplish this we work through a church Council that is made up of Deacons and Stewards who provide guidance and leadership.  Below is a general list of each team and their function.  But, it doesn’t stop there.   We are always open to new ideas for worship, for community outreach, for education and for social activities.


  • Congregational Life – We have an extravagant welcome here at CPUCC.  We see the practice of hospitality as being at the heart of the biblical faith.  We do not all believe the same way, we do not act or vote the same way.  We are not a ‘cookie cutter’ church.  Instead we welcome all and in our diversity we see a little more of what it means to be the family of God.  We worship together, learn new things together, make a difference in this world through mission and ministry, and in it all we have a lot of fun.


  • External Mission – The Book of James says, “Faith without works is dead.”  One thing that marks a vibrant vital church is a commitment to building a better world.  For us witnessing is not insisting that others must believe exactly as we do.  Rather, we witness to our love and faith in Jesus Christ in the world around us.   Even though we support many local and global ministries and devote our time to assist the hungry and homeless, we realize it is not enough to do just those things.  We consider it our calling to also advocate for conditions in society that lead to hunger, homelessness and oppression.   Some of the Ministries we are currently involved with include: Bethany Children’s Home, Bethesda Women & Children’s Shelter, Church World Service, Downtown Daily Bread, Ecumenical Food Pantry, Family Promise, Foose School Reading Program, Habitat for Humanity, Hoffman Homes for Youth, Morgan-Scott Program, Common Ground Community Breakfast & Ministry.


  • Spiritual Care – It is our goal to intentionally awaken people to God’s presence and grace in our midst so that we can connect with Christ more powerfully in our daily lives.  It is important that we be a spiritually vibrant and healthy church so every aspect of church; our meetings, worship, programs, and mission, is focused on furthering God’s purpose for us in this world.


  • Stewardship – The majority of the ministry in this congregation happens because of the lay members.  Ministry is primarily funded by the free will giving of our lay members. We do not set an amount that a person gives. Some choose to tithe (10% of their income.) Some are so thankful for their faith community that they give more than a tithe. Some give what they consider their “fair share.” All gifts are appreciated and needed.We also ask that people give of their time and talents. We know that time is precious and ask for everyone to make Worship a priority in their life. Educational and fellowship opportunities are available throughout the week. It is important that everyone consider where their talents and interests lie so the ministries of the congregation run smoothly. The Congregation depends on the presence and support of all who call CPUCC their church. Without their commitment to the ministry of the church we would not be able to exist.


  • Worship & The Arts –  Dynamic Worship!  That’s our focus.
    Our 8:15 a.m. Worship Service is traditional in nature.  We sing hymns, follow the Communion Service, and use creeds and prayers from the New Century Hymnal.  Our 10:45 a.m. Worship Service combines some traditional elements with contemporary songs, creeds and prayers.  Our Music Program is a very important part of our ministry.  Some of our offerings include the Revelation Band, the Sanctuary Choir, the King’s Kids Choir and our Jubilate Ringers.  We also have soloists and  instrumentalists from our congregation who add their talents in praise to the Lord. Ministry teams work together to incorporate Art & Music into a central theme for the Worship Services.  Many of the banners you see hanging around the church have come out of these Worship themes.


While CPUCC is committed to spreading the Good News to new believers, we are also aware of our own need to study scripture, to develop spiritual practices, to deepen our faith. While faith development happens in many contexts, including worship and mission, we are particularly proud of our Sunday School and educational contexts, part of our German Reform tradition.


Christians of every age also enjoy programming at our Penn Central Conference camp, Hartman Center.


Faith development programming includes:

No there is no Sunday School from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor day Weekend.

  •  Adults at CPUCC have many opportunities to deepen their faith through study and practice.  We have three classes that study in varying styles (lecture, discussion, media) on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  We also offer Bible Study sessions throughout the year.


  • Children & Youth Faith Development activities are centered around our Sunday School, held at 9:30 a.m. A team of dedicated teachers works with kids from pre-school through high school.Students going into the 7th grade are offered Confirmation classes.   If you’d like more information about Confirmation, please contact Pastor Bonita at programming includes Sunday School and youth group programming. In addition to the 9:30am Sunday classes, the group meets during the evening to learn, to worship and pray, to play and have fun. Programs include:   Conference level programming including weekend programs at Hartman Center, Movie nights, etc., and most events include pizza (lots and lots of pizza)…


Colonial Park United Church of Christ, 5000 Devonshire Road, Harrisburg, PA 17109 –  717-545-3782
Sunday Worship:  8:15 & 10:45a.m w/Sunday School at 9:30a.m.
Summer Worship  at 9:30am (Memorial Day -Labor Day)