Hymn Sing 8/6/17

Do you have a favorite hymn that you feel doesn’t get sung enough?  Well this is your chance!  Be with us this Sunday, August 6, 2017 for Worship at 9:30am.  We’ll celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion by Intinction and we’ll have a Hymn Sing. You’ll be able to call out your favorite hymn and the congregation will sing it with you.

Check out what’s happening in the Worship Service and the Announcements by clicking on this link:  17-0806 Worship Bulletin & Announcements

The Sunday morning Worship service is audio recorded and available on CD upon request to Kathy at kneely@cpucc.org or 717-545-3782.

What a wonderful celebration we had last Sunday as we said Farewell to our Senior Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Bonita Zobeck.  We will miss her and as you know – pastors are not easily replaced, but let me assure you that our spiritual and vibrant worship will continue.  This Sunday we kick off with an old fashioned Hymn Sing led by Scott Siciliano (Communion will be administered by Scott & the Rev. Roben Roof).  Next Sunday, August 13 Scott will be preaching, August 20, the Rev. Rick Luciotti will preach and August 27, Rev. Nora Faust will be in the pulpit (the latter two are on the Penn Central Conference Staff).   Cindy Gnech, a Deacon for Worship & the Arts is working to ensure that Worship each week continues to be meaningful and thought provoking.

We also continue to be here to support our disciples who are in a time of crisis of health, death and faith.  Our Deacons for Spiritual Care, Ruth Karabcievschy and Pat Greenawald, in cooperation with Kathy, our Office Manager, will ensure that needs of this nature are taken care of through our wonderful lay ministry and on-call Pastors and Staff. Please contact me [Kathy]  (717-545-3782) with your needs and I and the Deacons will get you the support you need.   Please leave a message after hours (as they forward to whoever is on call).

I am also working with Liz August, Council President and Sue Reinke, Vice President to ensure that we stay organized and that things continue to run smoothly.      Watch the Messenger each month for updates from Liz about the progress for the search for an Interim Pastor, the creation of our church profile and the search for our full-time Senior Pastor.  Keep the staff &Council in your prayers as we begin our journey to find a new Senior Pastor.