Saints: Being Called Blessed 11/5/17

This Sunday, November 5, 2017 we invite you to be with us for All Saints Sunday Worship at 8:15 & 10:45am.  The Rev. Cindy Garis will be preaching on the theme “Saints:  Being Called Blessed.”  In addition to observing All Saints Day we’ll also celebrate Holy Communion by Intinction.  The Sanctuary Choir will be presenting “Set Me as a Seal” at the late service.  After Worship we invite you to stay for a Welcome Reception for Pastor Garis.    DON’T FORGET TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR SO YOU’RE AT CHURCH AT THE RIGHT TIME!

Sunday School for All Ages is held at 9:30am.  See what the three adult classes are studying by clicking on the link below for the announcements.

Check out what’s happening in the Worship Bulletin and the Announcements by clicking on the links below.
17-1105 Worship Bulletins 8_15 and 10_45am
17-1105 Announcements

Who do you think of when you think of a “Christian Role Model?” Is there a particular person in your life, living here on Earth or in Heaven, who modeled Christian love and service to you and helped to shape your faith?

This week as we celebrate “All Saints Day,” we will acknowledge those who have come before us and those who still continue the work of the Church in the world.
We invite you to bring an unframed picture of a “saint” in your life to worship with you. Together we will create a remembrance altar, and will then craft a beautiful banner together to celebrate the saints within our lives and our church community.

Following worship we will enjoy some delicious soup and chili together!

Join us this Sunday, November 5, at 5pm!  5000 Devonshire Road, Harrisburg, PA 17109.  Right next door to the “Best Buy” in Colonial Park.

The Sunday morning Worship Services are audio recorded and available on CD upon request to Kathy at or 717-545-3782.  You may also check back to this page on Monday when I’ll post the audio recording of the Sermon & Special Music.
Sermon:  17-1105 Saints:  Being Called Blessed (Pastor Garis)
Sanctuary Choir:  17-1105 Set Me As A Seal

Next Sunday, November 12 we will have a special schedule.  Sunday School will be at 9:00am, ONE Worship Service at 10:00am, followed by a Congregational Meeting to approve the 2018 Budget and Slate of Candidates for Council and Delegates.  The Charging Station will be at 5pm.  

Thank you to everyone who visited us this week at the DEVONSHIRE FAIR!  It was a wonderful event.  Be sure to mark down November 7 & 8, 2018 for the next Devonshire Fair.