The Charging Station

We are so excited for our New Worship Opportunity – The Charging Station – On September 10, Rally Day, we inaugurated our new worship service at 5pm!  Called “The Charging Station,” this service meets every week in the Fellowship Hall.  Different then our traditional Sunday morning worship, this service is geared toward those who like a more informal worship setting and prefer more “contemporary” music styles.  While we hope that some current CPUCC disciples will attend this service to provide much needed support for this new endeavor, we also hope that you will spread the word to your friends, family members, and coworkers who are unchurched.

Why the name “The Charging Station”?  Because church is—in a very real sense—a spiritual station in which we come and are “recharged” for the week.  In worship we encounter Christ’s community, hear His Word, and are reminded of our place and role in His mission.  CPUCC exists to Listen, to Love, and to Restore Hope and Community to all God’s Children.  This new worship service will help us to further fulfill our vision by making worship welcoming and accessible to more people in our community.  Please pray for this new endeavor, and consider ways in which you might be called to assist or support this new ministry.  For more details, please contact Pastor Scott (717-545-3782).

If you know of someone who is looking for an inclusive and engaged worshiping community, please invite them to like our Facebook Page!  Check in to Facebook each week to find out what the conversation will be at each service.