The Well 7/9/17

We are happy to celebrate the dedication of the Narthex Fountain this Sunday, July 9 during our 9:30am Worship Service.

Here is a little background:

“THE WOMAN AT THE WELL” – John 4: 1 – 30

The woman at the well was the story the Jeremiah team used to help create our new vision statement for Colonial Park United Church of Christ.

     CPUCC exists to Listen, to Love, and to Restore Hope & Community to all God’s Children.

At the fountain you will find a jug, maybe similar to the one the woman left behind when she went to tell the people about Jesus. Along the ledge of the fountain, there will be a basket of cards. Today there will be a card in each bulletin.  At the top of the card it says: “Cast your burdens upon the Lord, and he will sustain you.” Psalm 55:22. This card is different from the prayer card: it is not for other people, it is for YOU.  This card is used to write your burdens or concerns and put it in the jug.  Leaving your burdens behind with God can help you become a more faithful person.  No one will ever read these cards, this is between you and God.  Once the jug is filled, the cards will be burned.  The cards will be available to use whenever you feel the urge and hopefully this will bring you some inner peace and a closer connection to God.

We hope you feel the spirit of the Lord when you see the beautiful mural and listen to the sound of the water which represents the gushing fountains of endless life.

We would like to thank Connie Herman for giving us her blessing to change the fountain.  The original fountain was in memory of her great-grandmother, Etta Pisle Page.

The Jeremiah Team

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