Walking in the Spirit 7/23/17

Beat the summer heat, come on in for Worship this Sunday at 9:30am.  We have Air conditioning so you might even want to bring a sweater!  This Sunday the Rev. Roben Roof ,who serves as our Youth Director, will be preaching on the theme “Walking in the Spirit” based on the scripture texts from Romans 8:14-27 and Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43.

Our Mission Trippers will be back so  be sure to stop them and ask about their adventures.  We thank Sue Reinke for Coordinating the trip each year.  This year’s volunteers were Sue, Pam Barndt, Natalie Lubold, Pastor Bonita, Bobby Neely, John Butari, Scott Siciliano & Jeff Mertus.  They were working to revamp the Morgan-Scott Program Thrift Store and have built some offices in the building.    They won’t get completely done but they’ll have given it a good start for the next group.  Bobby has reported that things are going well and that they are really making it a more usable space for the staff and their clients.

Check here to check out the 17-0723 Worship Bulletin and Announcements

The Sunday Worship service is audio recorded and available on CD upon request to Kathy at kneely@cpucc.org or 717-545-3782.  Sorry for the delay – here is the posting of the sermon.
17-0723 Walking in the Spirit (Rev. Roben Roof)

Next week, July 30, we say “Farewell” to the Rev. Dr. Bonita Zobeck.  Please plan to be with us for Worship at 9:30am and then stay for the party and lunch afterward.  I am sure she would appreciate the opportunity to say “goodbye” to you in person.