Whose Shoes 9/24/17

“Whose Shoes” is the title of the sermon being presented by Jessica Nupponen this Sunday, September 24, 2017 at 8:15 & 10:45am.   Jess has been CPUCC’s Choir Director for 13 years, works as the Community Events Coordinator for Fredericksen Library in Camp Hill, and occasionally serves as Music Director for Theatre Harrisburg. Jess was baptized and raised in our church.  She and her husband, Erik, had both of their sons, Kai and Riley, baptized here as well. It’s a family affair here because much of the choir is made up of her family: her husband, mom, dad and sister all sing in it! Kai even sings in the children’s choir. After years and years of listening to wonderful sermons from this pulpit, Jessica says she feels completely unqualified to be up there, but she hopes the message will touch your heart. We welcome Jessica to our pulpit!

The Jubilate Ringers will present “Sanna, Sannanina” and “Song of Hope” at both the 8:15 & 10:45am Worship Services.  We are also pleased to tell you that the King’s Kids Choir will be singing “If You Can Sing A song” at the late service this week.

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17-0924 Worship Bulletin 8_15am
17-0924 Worship Bulletin 10_45am
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We invite you to be with us for “The Charging Station” Sunday nights at 5pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Different than our traditional Sunday morning worship, this service is geared toward those who like a more informal worship setting and prefer more “contemporary” music styles.   For information contact Pastor Scott  at ssicliano@cpucc.org or (717-545-3782) or check out our Facebook page.


We have hired an Interim Pastor, the Rev. Cynthia Garis!  She will begin her ministry with us on Monday, Oct. 23 and be introduced to the congregation on Sunday, Oct. 29.  She will preach for the first time on Sunday, Nov. 5, All Saints Sunday.  The pulpit will be filled in October by Thaddeus Sampson (Oct. 1), Cindy Gnech (Oct. 8), Rev. Roben Roof (Oct. 15), Pastor Scott Siciliano (Oct. 22) and the Rev. Claude Dencler (Oct. 29).

The Sunday morning Worship services are audio recorded and available on CD upon request to Kathy at kneely#cpucc.org or 717-545-3782.  Click the links below for the audio recording of the Sermon and Special Music.

17-0924 Whose Shoes (Jess Nupponen)
17-0924 If You Can Sing A Song (King’s Kids Choir)
17-0924 Sanna, Sannanina (Jubilate Ringers)
17-0924 Song of Hope (Jubilate Ringers)