Won’t You Be My Neighbor? 11/26/17

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I hope that you’re weekend includes the joy of family, good food and lots of love.  If you’re alone for Thanksgiving, your church family invites you to be with us for the Thanksgiving Eve Service tonight, Wednesday, November 22 at 7pm or for Sunday Worship at 8:15am, 10:45am or 5:00pm.  This Sunday morning, November 26, 2017 at 8:15 & 10:45am, Pastor Cindy Garis will preach on the theme “Won’t You Be My Neighbor – What are we doing here?” part 3, based on the scripture texts from Colossians 3:12-17 and Luke 10:25-37.  At the 10:45am service we welcome the King’s Kids Choir who will present “I am a Promise” and the Sanctuary Choir who will share “Please Come” with soloist, Rachel Washic.  This service also features “We Are Not Alone (A New Creed)” written by CPUCC disciple, John Sallade.   Both services will feature the song “Listen, Love, Restore Hope” based on our vision statement and put to music by our own Scott Siciliano.  We have many talented folks, join me in thanking them for their talents!

Sunday School for All ages is held at 9:30am.  Because of the holiday weekend some of the classes have chosen not to meet.  Click on the link below for the Announcements to see who is meeting and what topics the adult classes are discussing.

You may peruse the Worship Bulletins and Announcements by clicking on the links below.
17-1126 Worship Bulletin 8_15am
17-1126 Worship Bulletin 10_45am
17-1126 Announcements

The Sunday morning Worship services are audio recorded and available on CD upon request to Kathy at kneely@cpucc.org or 717-545-3782.  Click on the links below for the audio recording of the Sermon & Special Music.
Sermon:  17-1126 Won’t You Be My Neighbor-What are we doing here?  part 3
Anthem:  17-1126 Please Come (Rachel Washic, soloist)
Kids:  17-1126 I Am A Promise (King’s Kids Choir)


Plan to be with us for “The Charging Station” Sunday nights at 5pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Different than our traditional Sunday morning worship, this service is geared toward those who like a more informal worship setting and prefer more “contemporary” music styles.   For information contact Pastor Scott at ssicliano@cpucc.org or (717-545-3782).  Find out this week’s Charging Station topic on our FACEBOOK page at https://www.facebook.com/chargingstationhbg/